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'The Association of European Road Milling Contractors' discovers more about BOMAG cold milling equipment

The 'Association of European road milling contractors'
(Verband Europäischer Straßenfräsunternehmungen e.V.), or 'VESF', held its annual general meeting in Paris this year during INTERMAT. Its partner and sponsor from the industry was the construction equipment manufacturer, BOMAG, which has featured cold planers in its product range since 2006.

Lectures, talks and a visit to the show stand at INTERMAT showed members of the association that in a short period of time by following its long-term strategy, BOMAG has now become a reliable and serious partner .

The Association includes members from around 40 well-known companies from Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. It operates a central association policy and helps its members through technical consulting, professional training and education, technical problem-solving and marketing.

Thus close attention has been paid to how BOMAG is implementing its long-term strategy to become the global number two in cold milling machines and to offer a complete product portfolio at the highest technical level. The BOMAG Management, and Jean-Claude Fayat, General Manager of the FAYAT Group (which BOMAG joined in 2005), have demonstrated their commitment to goal with further investment; for example, the FAYAT BOMAG Academy (a customer and training centre), and the extension of the Boppard plant to include new manufacturing halls. In Paris, focus was centred on the new BM 500/15 and BM 600/15 compact planers, and the milling drums in the 500 mm class, which are also suitable for competitors' machines.

A striking feature of these compact planers is the innovative milling drum technology and a completely new operating concept. These are the first compact planers to be truly focussed on the operator. All types of work can be carried out comfortably, conveniently, and safely whilst sitting, without health risks due to wrong posture or long-term stress caused by vibration. This is because the workplace, including all operating controls, is insulated from vibration. All functions can be reached from a sitting position and a 45 degree swivel seat ensures an optimum view of the loading truck or the milling edge. In addition is the intuitive operating concept, operating aids, an optional weather protection roof, generous storage space and much more.

Innovative milling drum technology
The milling drum technology was of particular interest to VESF members, as it is also offered in the 500 mm class for machines from other manufacturers. The BOMAG milling drums feature innovative geometry. The tools are arranged to ensure uniform, low vibration cutting. Due to the shell thickness, the milling drum also behaves like a flywheel transferring significantly fewer vibrations to the machine than a conventional milling drum. The special geometry of the edge cutter generates a smooth edge with a minimum of damage. New diagonal protection for the shell tube acts when driving around bends and prevents abrasion to the bracket at the edges. The cutter supports developed by BOMAG are fitted in precision milled pockets which enable them to transfer the power better, and also offer a longer service life than standard cutter supports because of their exact positioning. All teeth can be knocked out from the rear quickly and easily. For the entire work cycle this means: a longer service life for the machine, less ancillary work, repair costs and greater availability.

The sheer quantity of innovations to compact planers alone made a lasting impression on the milling contractors from VESF, and also because some had experience with the BM 500/15 or the BOMAG milling drum and were able to confirm the benefits and potential savings. After visiting BOMAG at INTERMAT, many other members saw BOMAG as an prospective supplier to their own fleets of machines.
World première of the BM 600/15 compact planer at INTERMAT.

Jean-Claude Fayat, General Manager of the Fayat Group, confirmed the long-term commitment made to the cold milling division.

VESF members followed his presentation of the BOMAG planer strategy with great interest.
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