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World première of the BOMAG BM 600/15 compact planer

At INTERMAT 2012 BOMAG will celebrate another world première in its expanding range of cold milling machines. In Hall 3 on stand C041/042 the BM 600/15 compact planer will be on display for the first time. With a working width of 60 cm this model combines the advantages of the small BM 500/15 compact planer, in terms of manoeuvrability, versatility and compact design, with an 8 t operating weight and a 20% additional working width.

So the new BM 600/15 is truly unique. No other planer with a 60 cm working width has such a low weight. The BM 600/15 is manoeuvrable and easy to transport; it has an engine output of 125 PS, and it is also fast. It provides a milling depth up to 210 mm and in addition to the standard milling width of 600 mm is also optionally available with milling widths of 500 mm or 400 mm. The planer comes in a 3-wheel standard version, but is also optionally available as a 4-wheel version. The milling machine's great cost-effectiveness derives from its wide range of applications, because the BM 600/15 is optionally available with a choice of milling drums. BOMAG's change system is very simple, and eliminates operating errors by its design. No cables or hydraulic lines need to be removed when the door is opened. A centering pin positions the door which means bolts can be reused. Another centering device on the gearbox makes positioning quick and easy.
The BM 600/15 stability is also very impressive. The compact dimensions and optimum weight distribution provide good grip and top manoeuvrability even in confined working areas. In spite of the compact dimensions, this model performs high output work with low wear and low, eco-friendly fuel consumption. This is due to new intelligent cutting geometry and the proven BOMAG ECOMODE engine management system.

Vibration-insulated ergonomic operator's platform
The BM 600/15 has been designed in common with the BM 500/15 to allow the operator to sit comfortably when working with a clear view of the milling edge and truck. The entire operator's platform including the steering wheel and armrests is isolated from unwanted vibration.
The milling depth display is ideally positioned within visual range of the operator who has the intuitively designed operating consoles in easy reach.

Quick fit/removal conveyor belt
Clever conveyor belt geometry ensures concentrated discharge of material, ideally proportioned in height and width.
However compact planer conveyor belts often have to be removed for some jobs, e.g. to place the rear of the machine close up against a wall. The BM 600/15 conveyor belt can be moved from the top to the bottom without having to rehang the chains. The operator does not need to lift heavy components, simply to unhook a light chain from a safe standing position. Thanks to the innovative arrangement of the cylinder on the belt, the rear access is clear also. The BM 600/15 can move faster and closer to a wall – reducing labour on site.

The BM 600/15 is powerful, cost-effective, and easy to operate and transport. Features which will certainly impress at the sales launch after INTERMAT.



BM 600/15 – the new BOMAG compact planer
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