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Networking tandem rollers online via BCM net

At INTERMAT 2012, hall 3, stand C041/042, BOMAG will reveal the latest intelligent measuring technology and show how surface compaction control works with ASPHALT MANAGER II. In a major contribution to quality control, BOMAG will present a "networked construction site": BOMAG BCM net. All of the rollers carrying out the compaction are connected by a network, allowing individual measuring data to be shared with each other and the site manager. The overall status of the site is recorded in real time – a key to higher quality.

The BOMAG system of automatic compaction control, already a success for years, has been enhanced towards greater perfection: with ASPHALT MANAGER II (AM II), BOMAG offers a new type of target result for the vibration module Evib (MN/m²), giving better control for even better compaction quality. The new features are: The operating the system is easier, with menu-control. The driver uses a menu with several options for basic applications (e.g. surface layers; binder and base courses), which can be automatically compacted. Extensive tests on dozens of sites at home and abroad have led to further improvements in the algorithm for stiffness linked to amplitude control. Furthermore, it is now possible to calculate empirical values for Evib on typical mixes to programme a target value control system. In addition, the Evib value is measured and calculated more sensitively. This allows the roller driver to analyse the level of compaction more effectively.

Subject to actual site conditions the improved efficiency of this control system optimises compaction performance and surface quality and reduces the number of passes needed.

Networking rollers via BCM Net
When several rollers are being used a good rolling pattern and coordination is a key to high quality.
To achieve this, the rollers are equipped with GPS receivers and connected up via a wireless network. They constantly transmit their positions, the compaction values and the asphalt temperature to the server. The data is updated every 5 seconds and the server distributes the new "image" to all network users. This enables every operator to track his own compaction progress plus the results produced by the other rollers. The result: higher quality across the site, costs cut by reducing unnecessary passes, and - with AM II - improved verification with the complete documentation of compaction.



Operator friendly: AM II in automatic mode
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