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Following two difficult years for the global economy the Boppard construction equipment company BOMAG has emerged strongly from the crisis and is now investing in strategic targets. Investments in production, research and development, enhanced sales and service units, plus education and training are planned.

2011 has been a good year for the company which has enjoyed over 20% growth with sales of around 528 million EUR. The driving forces behind this have been the markets in China, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. The company has seen expansion in all product segments, not least because of innovations brought to market. In the light equipment sector a new tamper range and new single direction vibratory plates were launched - products which have made BOMAG more competitive in the lower price segments - with the new BMP 8500 trench compactor. Another example is product expansion in the lower "compact segment": for finishers where the BF 600 was followed by the BF 300 compact finisher. In planers 2011 saw the new BM 500/15 compact model, and in tandem rollers, the new series of light duty units. Innovations which will add to turnover in the next few years include the new BF 800 heavy duty finisher and the BW 138 tansem first shown at the Asphalt Days.

BOMAG is anticipating modest growth in 2012 , although less than in 2011. The company is predicting a further shift in markets whereby the economies in China, India, Brazil, the Middle East and even Russia will continue to develop, while the countries in the eurozone will stagnate or only show minimal growth. This is also reflected in the company's sales figures; the percentage share of turnover in sales markets outside Europe continues to increase. Production facilities in Boppard and Shanghai are being expanded to cope with further growth.

A new cutting-edge drum plant in Boppard
In future, the manufacture, assembly and painting of drums will be undertaken in a new workshop area of about 12,000 m2. Some time ago, adjoining land was bought for the new facility. Building will begin early in 2012 and will see the current capacity doubled. An independent factory within a factory will be established; a production island where work will be carried out in response to individual customer orders using the latest energy saving, efficiency, ergonomics and workplace design. This will include heat recovery systems, innovative manufacturing technologies, and assembly workstations with the highest safety, cleanliness, and process optimisation.

Expansion of sales and service units
The challenge is not only the shift in markets, but also the increasing pressure of competition. The key factors in overcoming this are quality of products, local sales networks, quality of service and the company's innovative strength. Thus subsidiaries have been established in Poland and Russia in the last few years, and BOMA, BOMAG's long-standing dealer in China has been acquired to provide the company with its own sales network in the Chinese market. For the same reason, a regional office in the Middle east has opened in Dubai, responsible for the markets in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan, Egypt and Lebanon.

In September 2011 a service centre was opened in France. The 5,000 m2 "Service Center Mediterranée" near Marseilles houses a servicing workshop, offices and storage areas for the maintenance and repair of BOMAG machines. At the same time, the After Sales division in Boppard has added a considerable number of new staff.

However, it is not only customer proximity which plays an important role; a leading construction equipment manufacturer must always develop and offer highly innovative solutions and make customers aware of the benefits and cost savings available. Therefore, major investments are being made in research and development, and in training. In the last 12 months around 30 engineers and design engineers have been hired with yet more posts to fill.

Part of the extended facilities in China includes a training centre in Shanghai. This together with the planned construction of the FAYAT BOMAG Academy customer and training centre in Boppard is a clear sign that customer retention and training of sales staff and service engineers worldwide is a priority – to provide even better advice, support and transfer of expertise.
New BOMAG France Service Centre in Marseille
New BOMAG France Service Centre in Marseille
Innovation 2011: the BF 800 heavy duty finisher
Innovation 2011: the planer BM 500/15 compact model
Innovation 2011: the series of light duty tandem rollers
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