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The "transparent construction site" up close

BOMAG will be showing visitors the latest technology and innovations for road construction at the 16th German 'Asphalt Days', from 8 to 10 February 2012, at stand V 01. In addition to product innovations, such as the BF 800 paver focus will be on the new series of small tandem rollers, but also the compact BM 500/15 planer and the online networking of a construction site. Thanks to surface covering compaction control, the connection of tandem rollers via a WLAN network equipped with BOMAG TELEMATIC, the "transparent" construction site is practically within reach.

2011 has also been the year of innovations for BOMAG in the asphalt sector; following the compact BM 500/15 planer and the new series of small tandem rollers, the new BOMAG BF 800 finisher is now being launched in Germany. The newly developed 20 t finisher with a screed width of 2.50 to 10 m will complete the finisher range. Its outstanding features: great performance, high level of pre-compaction, great ease of operation, high evenness of laid material, fast heat-up times and short set-up times.

However, in addition to product innovations, a real highlight is the development of the intelligent measuring technology and surface covering compaction control - now with ASPHALT MANAGER II and BCM Net, the "online" networking of a construction site.

With the launch of the new "4th" generation of pivot-steered tandem rollers, BOMAG presented a technically and functionally enhanced version of the popular ASPHALT MANAGER, the ASPHALT MANAGER II - with a new type of target value control for the vibration module, enabling better control for even better compaction quality.

System operation is simplified by an even easier menu guide. Extensive tests on dozens of construction sites both at home and abroad have led to further improvements in the algorithm for automatic, stiffness dependent amplitude control. The EVIB value is measured and calculated more sensitively, which means the roller driver can interpret the level of compaction achieved more effectively. In addition to improving compaction quality, "active amplitude management" also reduces the number of passes. On large-scale sites, in particular, this means that the number of rollers can be reduced and used more universally.

Networking of tandem rollers via BCM Net
Thanks to ASPHALT MANAGER II, the operator knows when the compaction target has been reached. The BCM Net also enables the compaction progress of all rollers on the construction site to be monitored constantly. After all, when several rollers are in use, adherence to a perfect rolling scheme and therefore coordination of the rollers is an important prerequisite for high quality standards. To achieve this, the tandem rollers are equipped with GPS receivers and connected up via a WLAN network. They constantly transmit their positions, the compaction values and the asphalt temperature to the server. The data is updated every 5 seconds and the server distributes the new "picture" to all network users. This enables every roller operator to follow their own compaction progress and that of the other rollers.

In addition, BOMAG TELEMATIC also enables other machine data to be retrieved, which even applies to machines from other manufacturers. BOMAG TELEMATIC is an online connection to the individual machine. In fact, data, such as the position of the machine, operating hours and machine output, or even the fuel consumption and idle running control, can be called up from any computer with Internet access. Alarms can also be transmitted via the Telematik system, e.g. if a machine leaves a defined area (so-called geo-fencing), or is operated outside of defined downtimes. The monitoring of operating hours and establishing the exact position of the machine also enables considerably more efficient servicing and maintenance scheduling.

ASPHALT MANAGER II, BCM Net and BOMAG TELEMATIC bring the "transparent construction site" within reach.
The latest BOMAG tandem rollers equipped with ASPHALT MANAGER II
Customers can see at a glance where their machines are
Simple and user friendly: AM II in automatic mode
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