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The focus of this two-day event at BOMAG's headquarters in Boppard was the latest technology for asphalt construction. The company displayed its full product range in the asphalt sector and demonstrated the smooth interaction of its machines on a variety of construction jobs. The theme: application consultancy and the use of the latest technologies.


At the end of September BOMAG issued invitations to this high-profile event. Around 200 customers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa were shown BOMAG innovations and the latest technologies. The complete asphalt programme was presented, which included the product ranges of affiliated companies in the FAYAT Group - e.g. asphalt mixing plants or bitumen spreaders.


The focus of the event was underscored in introduction to the conference: the range was presented and each model explained according to its application. Beginning with the production of asphalt mixes, Claus Horstmann, the Managing Director of ATS, Eschborn, presented energy-efficient technologies for hot mixes and the use of recycled material; this included the innovative Top Tower Concept for outputs under 200 t/h and stationary flow mixing plants.
Attention then turned to milling, paving and the compaction of asphalt. The performance and versatility of BOMAG's product range was fully explained by following the construction process in inner-city areas. For example, patching or trenches, the construction of service roads, including agricultural roads, small industrial areas or car parks, through to the construction of national roads, motorways or airports. Interesting asides covered special solutions in compaction technology, which only BOMAG can offer, for example, tandem rollers to compact tight curves on race tracks.

The presentation was concluded with an overview of BOMAG's extensive range of services, one of the highlights being online data feedback for fleets of machines, including those from other manufacturers, using BOMAG TELEMATIC. This is a fleet management program that provides position tracking, reports on capacity utilisation and efficiency, and active service and maintenance scheduling.


An impressive line-up of BOMAG innovations

Practice followed theory. Typical applications were demonstrated on the BOMAG demo areas. In fact, in the process, a new park and industrial estate with approach roads were created. Customers were offered an impressive line-up of innovations and technologies: the BM 500/15 compact planer, the new series of small tandem rollers, the world première of the 4.5 t BW 138 AD-5 tandem roller, the new BF 800 finisher, and the BCM-Net, for "online" networking of a construction site by means of WLAN connection between several tandem rollers.


A typical application on an inner-city construction site - planing damaged areas up to 21 cm deep and adjoining areas for resurfacing: this is where the new BM 500/15 compact milling machine was impressive. The special edge geometry of the BOMAG milling drum produced an edge ready for further work without damage; at the same time, the operator could work comfortably in the vibration-free work station and although seated had a clear view of the milled edge and loading truck. Quick and easy dismantling of the conveyor belt in just 3 minutes was also demonstrated - important in reducing costly manual labour. By dismantling the conveyor belt, the planer becomes even more compact, an advantage for free milling of a manhole cover, or a joint transverse to the direction of travel.


Finally, the 0 - 11 aggregate size asphalt surface layer laid by the BOMAG BF 300 P compact finisher was compacted to a thickness of 4 cm using various roller types, ranging from manually-controlled BP 12/50A and BW 65H asphalt plates to the new series of small tandem rollers.


World première - first look at the new BW 138 AD-5

In addition to a demonstration of the new clear-sided BW 100 SC-5 tandem roller, a special highlight awaited the spectators - a world première: the 4.5 t BW 138 AD-5 tandem roller with a completely new design, a new Kubota engine and extra large drum diameter. Market launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2012.


Medium to large scale work on motorways and major roads

At another location, a 10 cm asphalt base course was laid and compacted. Star of the demo: the new BF 800 finisher which went on sale in autumn this year. This machine features paving widths of 2.5 to 10 m; its screeds give paving thicknesses of up to 30 cm and crown adjustments of -2.5% to +4.5 %. Generous smoothing plate depths of 40 cm and the heavy overall weight of the screeds guarantee high level pre-compaction and perfect surface structure from the tamper and vibration units. Segregation-free, even and quick paving is ensured by the large hopper with hydraulic front flap, conveying material over the reversible scraper belts and the generous 400 mm diameter augers, controlled by proportional ultrasound sensors. Visitors saw the efficiency for themselves on site. Two different levelling systems were presented for perfect height and even laying at a paving width of 10 m: first of all, the Sonic Ski, an ultrasound sensor for contact free scanning of the ground, rope or kerb for height control. Secondly, the Big Sonic Ski was presented. This is the combination of three Sonic Ski sensors which enables subsoil to be scanned at several points spaced far apart. The control unit calculates the average value across the scanned length. This enables all subsoil to be scanned, regardless of its properties; and means that the set-up and measuring of expensive guide wire can be dispensed with - a great financial benefit for customers, especially for long stretches.


ASPHALT MANAGER II and BCM Net – for the transparent construction site

To compact 10 m paving widths using the BOMAG BF finisher two large tandem rollers worked in parallel: the 10 t BW 174 AP-AM pivot-steered tandem roller and the 10 t articulated BW 154 AD-AM. Both rollers were equipped with the user-friendly BOMAG ASPHALT MANAGER II, the measuring system that tracks the stiffness of asphalt during compaction, and thus the compaction progress. Vibration is automatically controlled from these measured values so that the maximum energy possible is applied without the drum jumping and the material being crushed. The compaction display means the operator knows when the compaction target has been reached.


When several rollers are in use a perfect rolling pattern is vital and coordination of the rollers is the key to high quality results. The BOMAG solution - the BCM Net. The tandem rollers are equipped with GPS receivers and connected via a WLAN network. They transmit their positions, the compaction values and the asphalt temperature to the server. This enables every roller operator to follow his compaction progress and that of the other rollers. The data is updated every 5 seconds and the server distributes the new "picture" to all network users. At the BOMAG demo site, the customers were able to follow "online" monitoring of the work and seamless documentation with tablet PCs and display screens. A "transparent construction site" emerged before their eyes!


Excited follow-up

The application of these state-of-the-art technologies and the breadth of the BOMAG asphalt range was then discussed extensively at dinner; BOMAG found a truly suitable atmosphere for this – the Kurfürstliche Schloss in Koblenz: newly renovated for probably the most successful National Garden Show in Germany. The next day, the customers were able to see the manufacturing quality and vertical integration of BOMAG for themselves on a tour of the factory. The conclusion and finishing highlight of a truly high-impact programme was a visit to the National Garden Show in Koblenz, with a cable car ride over the Rhine.


Around 200 customers attended the presentation of the asphalt range
Milling of a manhole cover with BOMAG BM 500/15
World première of the new BW 138 AD-5 at the 'asphalt demo days'
A perfect surface on a 10 m paving width with the BOMAG BF 800 finisher
Another highlight – demonstration of the 7 t BW 154 AP AM with ASPHALT MANAGER and precision chip spreader BS 150
A palatial setting – the Kurfürstliche Schloss in Koblenz provided a festive context for the evening programme
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