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BOMAG BF 800 Finisher – proven on some of the world's toughest sites

Following the design concepts used on the BF 300 and BF 600 series finishers the newly developed BF 800 model, with an operating weight of 20 t and maximum screed width up to 10 m, complements perfectly the range of BOMAG finishers. Like all BOMAG machines this unit was tested under extreme working conditions on job sites around the world before coming into series production.

With paving widths of 2.50 m to 10 m, the BF 800 is designed for medium to large-scale construction projects on motorways and major roads. This BOMAG finisher can be used where ever high paving outputs are needed, for example on larger road works, local road networks and in inner city areas. With a compact design, this finisher is truly multi-talented – and boasts an impressive performance to match. Available as a manoeuvrable wheeled model or high-traction tracked unit, the BOMAG BF 800 finisher has massive power reserves with a 139 kW (189 PS) 6-cylinder Deutz engine featuring low noise and exhaust emissions. The ECOMODE machine management system provides intelligent use of energy, reduced fuel consumption and lower environmental pollution.

The screed – at the heart of the paver
    BF 800 C (tracks)
S 500 E 2.5 – 5.0 m (extended
to 8.0 m)
2.5 – 5.0 m (extended
to 9.0 m)
S 600 E 3.0 – 6.0 m (extended
to 9.0 m)
3.0 – 6.0 m (extended
to 10.0 m)

The screeds feature electric heating as standard; the heating elements are cast in an aluminium block making them highly robust and durable. With optimised heat transfer, heat is evenly distributed throughout the screed plates and fast heat-up times are guaranteed. Also, only 1,000 rpm (idling) is required in the warm-up phase for paving widths of 6.0 m and just 1,400 rpm (ECOMODE) for widths over 6.0 m.

For the maximum screed extension of 10 m mechanical attachments are used, fitted without complicated braces with quick fit sliding couplings, and guarantee the quickest set up times with minimum site labour. BOMAG screeds give paving thicknesses up to 30 cm and crown adjustments of -2.5% to +4.5%. Generous smoothing plate depths of 40 cm and the overall 4,200 kg weight of the S 600 E basic screed (S 500 E = 3,900 kg) give high level pre-compaction and perfect surface finish with the tamper and vibration units.

From prototype to serial production
Before serial production of any machine BOMAG prototypes are tested on construction sites across the world and the BOMAG BF 800 finisher was no exception. Subjected to extreme temperatures up to 50 °C, laying gravel materials on dusty slopes, 24-hour operation on asphalt with very tight time frames, and paving 10 m mats on motorways. No difficult and demanding job is overlooked to ensure that series production machines meet all demands with total reliability and paving quality. Laying sub-base in Saudi Arabia Dust, sand and temperatures up to 50 °C - mastering these extreme situations is tough work. Not only was the environment demanding, but the one hundred thousand tonnes of material placed was a true test of endurance. Mat widths of 7.50 m to 10.00 m and layer thicknesses of 16 cm with aggregate of 0-60 mm nominal size increased this challenge for the paver.

Segregation-free, even and quick paving was achieved, conveying material over reversible scraper belts and the generous 400 mm diameter augers, controlled by proportional ultrasound sensors. The large hopper with hydraulic front flap provided adequate capacity for continuous paving even while trucks were recharging.

Regular checks by the BOMAG engineers was part of the support programme. Hydraulic pressures, electronic control signals and temperatures were measured and monitored: result – "all OK". Undaunted by the heat or the coarse aggregate, the BF 800 C showed both its high efficiency and total reliability.

24 hour shifts on the Brenner motorway – A22
In October 2010 some 14,000 t of asphalt was laid in 3.5 days in 24-hour shifts to reconstruct the Brenner motorway on the A22 near Bozen. The tight time frame and the high demands placed on the finisher in terms of quality and productivity made for an interesting and challenging test.

Over 50,000 m² of highly trafficked highway was renewed with 7 cm asphalt binder (AC 16 BS) and 4 cm chip mastic asphalt (SMA 11 S). Irregular delivery of material to site on this busy road repeatedly led to unscheduled, traffic-related interruptions to work. Typically, stop-start paving causes finishers to lower screeds onto the hot mat, which in turn causes unevenness. Also cooling of asphalt in front of the screed often causes uneven surfaces. However, using the standard BOMAG Load Control System (L.C.S.) technology that automatically controls the screed relief system, surface uniformity was maintained. High achieved tolerance (max. 4.0 mm to 4.0 m) and a perfect surface finish was the result gained. Another challenge successfully met.

Poland – new section of the A2 (E 60) motorway laid with maximum 10m. paving width
The series of trials at the A2 motorway project, a section of the east-west axis between Warsaw and Lodz, specified the maximum paving width of 10 metres.

Extending the screed to 10 m was easy work for the BUNTE Polska team. In just 3 hours with 2 men, the screed was extended from 6 m to 10 m using the new mechanical attachments attached using quick fit sliding couplings. The paving work itself was just as impressive.

21 km of new motorway, 22 bridges, extensive earthworks, 2 lanes in both directions – to be completed before the European Football Championship in the middle of next year.

To achieve all this, construction went on 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. Good news, then, that the BOMAG BF 800 C finisher offers extra levels of operator comfort.

The successful design from the BOMAG BF 300 and BF 600 models has now been optimised at the operator and side-mounted control stations. The intuitive control console rotates and is equipped with new features to deal with the heavy demands of modern paving sites. The operator's platform features the patented SideView-System. The seat and control console together form a variably adjustable unit. This allows the entire operator station to be extended laterally to an overhang of 60 cm. Advantage: the operator enjoys a perfect view of the work area and stays permanently protected from the weather by the top-quality roof.

The result of months of intensive testing: the BOMAG BF 800 finisher will handle the most extreme weather conditions and toughest operating conditions. Plus there's high pre-compaction, perfect surface finish and quick conversion to maximum paving width. Finally, this paver provides intuitive operation and great operator comfort.
BF 800 reconstructing the Brenner motorway
High pre-compaction and perfect surface finish
Laying gravel sub-base at 50 °C in Saudi Arabia
BOMAG field test engineers and the paver team
24 hour day and night paving
Perfect surface finish with L.C.S.
BOMAG Load Control System
BF 800 – extended to the maximum 10 m paving width – quick and easy
Intuitive control consoles
Making work easy for the operator
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