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Stabilising soils

Long-term practical experience was behind the development of the BOMAG MPH 125 stabilizer. The result: outputs of up to 12,000m3 a day

The community of Striegistal near Chemnitz is creating a new industrial park, where the Edeka central warehouse and a total of 675 jobs will be centred. This project requires a sound and stable sub-soil, work which has been contracted to MEIER Bodenstabilisierung GmbH of Oelsnitz using BOMAG stabilizers including the new heavy MPH 125 unit. MEIER GmbH, managed by Armin and Jan Meier, has been cooperating with BOMAG since 1995. The company has wide experience in soil improvement, soil stabilization, milling, and recycling. This practical experience has helped with the development of the BOMAG MPH 125, a soil stabilizer with a weight of 26 t, 440kW/598HP eight-cylinder Deutz diesel engine and a rotor width of 2,330mm. The unit is also equipped with a water system to provide the correct soil moisture content. Besides the MPH 125, MEIER GmbH is using several MPH 122-2 stabilisers. The contract for the supply of the current MPH 125 was signed at the last CONEXPO show in Las Vegas.

Soil improvement with lime

In Striegistal, a total volume of 320,000m³ soil requires improvement, in this case, through the addition of lime. After improvement, the soil features greater load bearing capacity so that new structures with higher loadings can be constructed. Initially, the planned daily output was 7,500m³ . Now 10,000 to 12,000m³ are being treated each day. The BOMAG MPH 125 mixes in white lime – using an average dosage of 10kg/m² from a spreader. The lime is mixed with natural soil which contains clay with a relatively high moisture content and is checked daily by the Baugrund Sachsen soil laboratory to determine the optimum water content on which to calculate the lime content needed to produce the highest load bearing capability.

High power and excellent manoeuvrability

MEIER Bodenstabilisierung is an experienced contractor employing 25 people in Germany and also works elsewhere in Europe undertaking a range of soil stabilization methods through to cold recycling with bitumen. In Striegistal MEIER Bodenstabilisierung is using one BOMAG MPH 125 and an MPH 122-2. In total, MEIER owns seven stabilisers and five mixer attachments plus one dust-free combination unit. The MPH 125 is highly mobile, with the combination of articulation and rear-axle steering paired with a powerful hydrostatic rotor and travel drive. User requests for simple and fast machine transport have been met by the new cab concept – with height adjustable operator’s platform on the rear frame. With the improved basic design of the MPH 125, special permits or special low-loaders for HGV transport are no longer essential. The position of the operator’s platform gives the operator an outstanding all-round view of his work. MEIR has long been supported by the BOMAG branch in Chemnitz where ten service technicians are based. This means that expert help is always available on site on short notice.

Despite the aggressive nature of lime dust, downtime on the BOMAG units is very rare, reliability which is essential in meeting the tough deadlines on this contract.
The BOMAG MPH 125 uses a powerful 440kW/598HP engine
The new design gives the operator an outstanding all-round view of his work
The BOMAG MPH 125 is highly mobile with its combined articulation and rear-axle steering
Handing over the MPH 125 to MEIER Bodenstabilisierung at the CONEXPO show in Las Vegas
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