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BOMAG compact cold planer: test challenge in Berlin

At this year’s SAMOTER fair, construction equipment manufacturer BOMAG launched its new BM 500/15 compact cold planer. Next, the cold planer completed nine tests in the shortest possible time with the greatest level of precision.

For this BOMAG hosted a special event at the beginning of April. The company presented the new BM 500/15 in the exclusive and beautiful setting of the Representative Offices of Rheinland-Palatinate to the Federal Government and the European Union in Berlin and for the first time the planer carried out practical tests in the grounds of the company’s Berlin Branch. A total of around 100 guests watched a highly convincing demonstration. After a reception at the Representative Offices of Rheinland-Palatinate and a short presentation about the machine and the comprehensive level of supporting services offered, delegates were transferred by bus to the company’s Berlin Branch. A total of nine tests were waiting here for the new planer.

Task 1: Planing a defective concrete channel

A defective concrete channel had to be milled on both sides for 50 cm (150 cm) in a total of three strips around 4 cm deep. The job was designed to test milling performance, the quietness of the machine and its operator comfort. The low-noise BOMAG BM 500/15 impressed both the eyes and ears of the spectators! The quick-change LA 15 (500 mm) milling drum  was selected for use from the five drums available. It was able to cut the material quietly and smoothly, leaving a clean and precise edge and a level surface. The operator was also pleased, working comfortably and with a good view of the milled edge and the truck. This is because the BM 500/15 is designed so that the operator always works in a seated position. In addition, the driver’s cab including the steering wheel and armrest are insulated from unwanted vibration.

Task 2: Disconnecting the conveyor belt in quick time

The conveyor belt on a compact planer often has to be disconnected for certain work e.g. to position the rear of the machine close to a wall. Thus, the ability to q disconnect the conveyor belt quickly and easily on site saves a lot of money. The question is: How quickly can this be done with the BM 500/15? For an independent time trial, the stopwatch was handed to one of the guests. On your marks, get set, go! The whole process including dismounting from the machine, lowering the scraper and setting off again took a sensational 2 minutes 30 seconds. Because the conveyor belt can be moved from the top to the bottom without time consuming re-hanging of the chains, the operator is not required to lift any heavy components – just removing a light chain from a safe standing position. In addition, the innovative design of the cylinders on the belt ensures that nothing becomes disturbed at the rear of the machine. The BM 500/15 can then be quickly driven close to a wall – reducing manual work on site at the same time.

Task 3: Planing a manhole cover

This job was to plane a marked standard-sized manhole cover 4 cm deep with the tightest milling circle. With its innovative geometry, the BM 500/15 has a milling radius of less than 25 cm., even using a four-wheel model instead of the  three-wheel version. Offering better traction and higher stability, the four-wheel planer is equally manoeuvrable. In operation, the unique design of the edge cutter protects the rotor on tight bends and stops the welded seams from wear, preventing expensive repair work.

Task 4: Changing the drum

The broad range of applications of this planer and its cost effectiveness also stem from the range of milling drums available and their quick replacement. So the next trial demonstrated how quickly the current LA 15 drum could be replaced with the POWER DRUM. The stopwatch was once again handed to a guest. And the result? Sensational again: 8 minutes 6 seconds. The BOMAG system for drum changes is easy and rules out operating errors. No cables or hydraulics need to be disconnected when the door is opened. A centring pin positions the door so that the screws can be used again. Another centring device on the gearbox makes positioning quick and easy.

Task 5: Re-connecting the conveyor belt

The disconnected conveyor belt was now reconnected – just as easily and quickly. This ensures that the versatility of this BOMAG planer is fully utilised. This procedure is only carried out on site if the conveyor belt is easily disconnected and connected, ensuring that hand cutting work in tight spaces is reduced.

Task 6 and 7: Milling a crack and a concrete channel

The sixth task involved the POWER DRUM, a milling drum with 20 mm line spacing, to plane out an approx. 8-12 cm deep crack in asphalt and to load the milled material. The POWER DRUM impressed the viewers with its high productivity and quiet operation. The surface was again smooth and precise. The next task was to plane a concrete channel, a speciality for the POWER DRUM. With the drum’s large line spacing, the individual cutters generate greater cutting power and effortlessly pulverise the hard concrete. Conclusion: The POWER DRUM offers up to 30% more productivity with less wear and tear. And on the anti-vibration operating platform, the driver did not even feel increased vibration  from the hard concrete. The customers attending experienced this for themselves.

Task 8 and 9: Service – checking the spray bar and daily servicing

The ease of servicing on the BM 500/15 was also tested on-site. Checking the spray bar is particularly easy, just like the other service points. All are easily and quickly accessible on the right side of the machine where everything is in view and nothing gets forgotten.

A tough test run in Berlin – the new planer excelled in every area and impressed onlookers with fast changeover times and cleverly detailed solutions. No wonder the first machines are already in operation with customers in Germany.
From a comfortable seated position, the operator planes the concrete channel.
A precise and clean surface is left.
The belt was disconnected in 2 minutes 30 seconds!
A perfect milling radius of under 25 cm.
Changing the drum – so simple!

High strength concrete is no problem with the BM 500/15.

Checking the spray bar – so easy!    
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