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Highlights 2011

At SAMOTER 2011, BOMAG will present a cross-section of its product range, from vibratory tampers, the successful BMP 8500 trench compactor, tandem rollers, single drum rollers using the latest measuring technology, through to the MPH 125 stabiliser/recycler with foamed bitumen system. Special focus is on milling machines and finishers. This year, SAMOTER will feature two product premieres: the new BOMAG BF 800 finisher and the sales launch of the BM 500/15 compact planer, plus milling drums for third party cold milling machines in the 500 mm class.

This wide range of products shows BOMAG's optimism for 2011 despite subdued demand in Europe.
According to Jörg Unger, President of BOMAG, "we think it is more than likely that the market in Western Europe will remain at the previous year's level. In contrast, the market in Central and East Asia will grow slightly, as will many other non-European markets.
"In the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the market will continue to grow, although the market has not reached the levels before the economic crisis. In China in particular, which is a significant BOMAG market, the company has paved the way for growth by acquiring its dealer BOMA and introducing new products at its plant in Shanghai.
However, the situation looks different on the American continent. While BOMAG predicts stronger demand in Canada and some South American countries, such as Brazil and Chile, estimates for the North American market anticipate only slight growth in highway construction and repairs to bridges and roads.

Successful product launches in 2010 and new launches in 2011 mean the company is in optimistic mood. “We reckon BOMAG has a good chance for growth this year in terms of product launches, even in stagnant markets. For example, we have been very successful with our launch of the new BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor in 2010, which generated excellent sales even in the USA market," according to Jörg Unger. "The market for milling machines and finishers has shown a lot of promise since 2006 and will continue to do so. At SAMOTER, we will launch the BM 500/15 compact planer onto the European market. And the interest our customers have already shown in this machine has also made us positive about the future. The same applies to the new generation of small tandem rollers that will start in a few months."

In previous years, BOMAG has invested heavily in research and development and will continue to do so. The best example: the world première of the BF 800 finisher coming less than a year after the BM 500/15 compact planer, the new generation of small tandem rollers, the BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor, the new single direction vibratory plates and the BW 332 DEEP IMPACT, the heaviest single drum roller in the world, all made their premières.
Jörg Unger, President of the BOMAG group

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