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BOMAG Special Tools

Uniform special tools can be used worldwide for fast fault diagnostics and rapid completion of service work on BOMAG machines. This specially developed equipment is indispensable for perfect results.


Electric measuring kit (P/N: 836 011 68)

Faults in the electric system are often harmless, but can still bring the whole machine to a standstill. The electric measuring kit for voltage and resistance checks allows quick and reliable troubleshooting:


  • Clip-on multimeter
  • Test adapter
  • Test cables
  • Screwdriver
  • Other test equipment

Hydraulic test case (P/N: 007 610 03)

The BOMAG hydraulic test case contains all measuring instruments required for quickly and reliably measuring both low and high pressure lines. Four high and four low pressure gauges enable simultaneous testing of pressures and thus speed up troubleshooting. The low pressure gauges are protected by pressure relief valves.


  • 4 High pressure gauges (0-600 bar)
  • 4 Low pressure gauges (0-60 bar)
  • 4 Pressure relief valves on the low pressure gauges
  • 8 pressure test hoses (2000mm each)

Vacuum pump (P/N: 007 610 04)

Even minor work in the hydraulic system very often requires drainage of the complete hydraulic circuit. With the BOMAG vacuum pump this is no longer required. It generates a vacuum and thus makes sure that no hydraulic oil will run out during repair work. This considerably reduces the labour time of the field engineer and protects the environment. The pump can be supplied by the on-board electrics of the machine or the service van. The vacuum pump is simply connected to the hydraulic system via the filler neck on the hydraulic oil tank.


  • 1 Vacuum pump (12 Volt, 22 l/min)
  • 1 Tank adapter
  • 1 Connecting hose
  • 1 Connecting cable
  • 1 Vacuum gauge
  • 1 Control valve


Special pliers tool kit (P/N: 079 950 03)

The special pliers tool kit is specially developed for crimping plug-in and crimp contacts on BOMAG machines.

With the attached instructions the various plug-in and crimp contacts can be assigned to the correct tools. This ensures durable connections with no contact faults or transition resistance.

The case also contains all required unlocking tools. A fitting kit with all machine related plug-in and crimp contacts is optionally available.


  • 1 Handle
  • Tool heads
  • Unlocking tools
  • Manual
  • Operating instructions and
  • Plastic box for storing contacts
Contacts are not included in the kit. Depending on the contact to be crimped, the matching tool head must be attached to the handle.
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