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Road construction asphalt surface course

Basic rehabilitation of the A 48 highway as an asphalt construction, Germany

Project data:

  • Wearing course: SMA 8 S   
  • Bitumen: 25/55-55 A
  • Total area: 70.000 m²
  • Thickness: 3,5 cm
  • Production per day: 2.500 t

Compaction requirement and compaction:

  • Density: 98%
  • Compaction with 5 tandem rollers BW 174 AD-AM (10 t oper. weight)
  • No. of passes: 6 x Vibration 
  • Working speed: 6 km/h



Placement of a wearing course with porous asphalt, highway A8 between Roth and Nürnberg-Süd, Germany

Project data:

  • Two layers asphalt construction with PA8/ PA16 (porous asphalt)
  • Bitumen: 70/100 with 33 % of bituminous rubber-granules
  • Layer thickness: PA8: 4 cm/ PA16: 3,5 cm
  • Total length: ca. 5 km
  • Daily output: PA8=2.200 t/ PA16=3.200 t
  • Void content: 24-28 %


  • Full-width placement with two finishers (hot against hot)
  • Five tandem rollers BW 174 AP-AM with ASPHALT MANAGER, four rollers equipped with mit BCM-Net:
    • Compaction (static) started at a distance of ca. 30 m to finishers
    • Surface temperature down to 80 °C
  • No. of static passes: 4x on PA8/ 6x on PA16
  • Roller speed: 4-6 km/h

Number of roller passes: estimated after conduction of a prior test (testing field). Special configuration: No pre-compaction via light tandem rollers (2,5-3 t). Main compaction (static) is done via 10 t. Compaction started at a distance of ca. 30 m behind the finishers. Asphalt temperature: not more than ca. 80°C (measured via a roller integrated infrared sensor).

Quality control with BOMAG BCM-Net: For sake of quality control on big-scale asphalt projects it is always crucial to assure an even distribution of passes for all rollers involved. To prove that, BOMAG supplied four rollers with “BCM-Net” – a surface covering control system based on a roller network (WLAN) at site. All rollers combined in the network shared their own compaction results in terms of No. of passes and surface temperatures with the others and at realtime.

BOMAG BCM-Net: A surface covering compaction control system for use on asphalt (SCCC-Asphalt) comprising up to ten rollers in a network (WLAN) in order to share their compaction data. All rollers involved see the compaction progress mutually on a display (BCM05) – thereby monitoring the asphalt surface temperature, No. of passes and (if required) the EVIB-value (MN/m²). The information is shown on a color screen updated after short intervals.


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