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Post compaction of industrial area

Post compaction of industrial area Jurong Island, Singapore

Project data:

  • 400.000 m²
  • Required compaction depth: 2 m
  • Brown sand with shell fragments
  • Grain size: 75% between 0,2 and 2 mm

Compaction requirement and compaction:

  • 95 % MDD up to 1 m depth and CPT cone resistance > 4 MPa up to 2 m depth
  • BW 226 DI polygon roller (26 t)
  • 10 passes 
  • Operating speed: v = 2 km/h
  • The combination of the polygon drum shape with the high dynamic forces (530 KN) provided by the directed vibrations of the BOMAG VARIOCONTROL system, enables optimal introduction of forces into the ground.

Continuous Compaction Control: with roller integrated compaction measurement system Terrameter, BCM05 and GPS
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