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BOMAG vibrating roller – cutting-edge compaction technology and outstanding productivity

BOMAG continues to advance the standards for compaction performance and the unrivalled expertise and experience of the world market leader have been brought fully to bear on the development of this series. The result: cutting-edge compaction technology and impressive productivity, low running costs and customised specifications to suit any application. In brief: these machines are ahead in every feature

BOMAG single drum roller (vibrating rollers)

Vibrating rollers play the key role on site. They create a firm base, quite literally, for subsequent progress. There‘s no question of compromise – BOMAG has met in full the demands of site managers using the latest technology.


The BOMAG vibrating roller is designed for longevity and durability. The advantage: a longer working life with a higher resale value thereafter. A BOMAG is always a sound investment. The key factor in profitability is not just price but total costs over the machine‘s operating life. Every component is subjected to multiple quality tests. BOMAG machines have been tested and proven around the world on the toughest sites.

A wide range of different models in weight classes 7 to 32 tonnes, with a choice of drums, travel systems and exciters, always providing the right solution. A wide range of options is available for enhanced utilisation and profitability.

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