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Road roller - Single drum roller - Innovative compaction technology

The Road roller play a key role on site in creating load-bearing foundations for subsequent layers. No compromises should be accepted in this process which is why BOMAG consistently aligns its range of models to the requirements of each site application.

BOMAG Single drum roller (raod roller) - BW 213 DH-4 BVC/P (with VARIOCONTROL)

Thus BOMAG road roller consistently produce the highest quality results. Our collective expertise and experience is incorporated into the development process. The result: innovative compaction technology, optimum productivity, low running costs and effective solutions for every application.

Low costs per cubic metre are the defining test for economic compaction. To achieve this BOMAG road rollers produce maximum compaction output using high linear loads and amplitudes. BOMAG ECOMODE cuts fuel consumption. VARIOCONTROL ensures automatic and intelligently controlled compaction. And, as always, we bring innovative trendsetting, for example, with the unique EVIB measuring technology, our integrated vibratory plates or the range of special drums.


A comfortable workplace and ease of servicing highlight our road rollers' practicality. BOMAG offers a full range from 7 to 32 tonnes. And a long service life is guaranteed through their high build quality.

Easy servicing is prominent within the overall design concept. The reason: reduced servicing means less downtime, less risk and lower costs. All bearings contain high-performance lubricants and are sealed for life. Dirt cannot penetrate and lubricant cannot leak.

The hood can be easily opened by hand, providing clear access to the engine compartment. All service points, such as the dip stick, filters or filling points can be reached from the ground. It is unnecessary to climb onto the machine, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Road roller(Soil Compaction):

Road roller (Asphalt Construction):

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