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Refuse compactor/compactor – designed for use on landfill sites

Landfill compactors or compactors can be defined as variations on the wheeled loader principle or as models developed from that concept, and feature hydrostatic drives and enclosed frame structures.

Landfill compactor - compactor

These units distribute and compact refuse on landfill sites to optimise site capacity, to reduce gas emissions and to stabilise the deposited material. The high operating weight of the machine combined with specially developed steel wheels crushes, kneads and compacts the refuse. The weight of this landfill compactor range varies between 20 and approx. 60 t with power ratings of up to approx. 600 kW. Achievable outputs now exceed the 1500 t/layer/compactor level.

BOMAG landfill compactor

The powerful BOMAG landfill compactor range consists of models in the 21 – 55 t weight range with outputs of 190 - 440 kW (261-590 hp). This ensures the best solution for your landfill site. All models are suitable for use on diverse refuse types, so that optimum landfill compaction is always guaranteed.

The compactor design consists of front and rear frames connected by an oscillating/articulating joint. This provides even distribution weight and thus optimal traction. The fully enclosed frame prevents the ingress of unwanted material, and offers all drive components full protection.


The cab is isolated from the frame to produce a high level of comfort. The operator environment is ergonomically designed for extended fatigue-free work. The all-round visibility offers a clear view of the site surroundings. At the same time, the ROPS and FOPS systems ensure optimum safety for compactor operators.

In combination with modern, powerful engines, the hydrostatic drive provides outstanding pushing power for dozing and distributing all types of refuse. Compactors can be specified to suit the needs of individual sites through the wide choice of dozer blades and bucket designs.

Waste management BOMAG: Quality and cost-effectiveness

The unique polygon disc wheels produce an optimum crushing, kneading and compaction effect on the refuse, and at the same time generate traction so that the landfill compactors maintain stability and grip in all operating situations. Scrapers with individually adjustable tines ensure clean wheels on every pass and thus provide consistent quality of results. The area being compacted is fully covered with wheel-overlap passes; this gives even greater cost-effectiveness.

Price is far from being the deciding factor when investing in a compactor. Cost-effective landfill compaction also demands easy service access, long component life and extended service intervals. Thus lower BOMAG maintenance costs combine with lower fuel costs. All of these features are incorporated in the design of BOMAG landfill compactors providing the foundations for financial success.

Landfill compactor 21t - 28,3t

Landfill compactor 28,6t - 37t

Landfill compactor 45t - 57t

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