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Vibratory plates

Vibratory plates are often used on construction sites with confined working locations. The easy transportation of BOMAG plates and their almost maintenance free design ensure high-quality use on soils, granular materials, asphalt and block paving.

Reversible vibratory plate

BOMAG offers single direction and reversible vibratory plates, supplemented by the reversible hydraulic plate.

Reversible vibratory plates provide added mobility and easy handling. Heavy models are frequently used in footpath construction, trench work and in road and railway construction.


Reversible vibratory plates

Weighing up to 250 kg BOMAG plate models up to 35 kN are the light-weights in the BOMAG BPR range. However despite their low weight, these units offer high compaction power. They are ideally suited to light earthworks jobs, paving and repair work. These models are available with diesel or petrol engine.

With a weight of up to 500 kg the BPR 45/55D and BPR 55/65D are mid-range units in the reversible vibratory plate series. Their weight delivers excellent compaction results, and also high area output. They are particularly suited to light to medium earthworks and for paving jobs. The robust and reliable diesel engines ensure long service life and feature low fuel consumption.


The hydraulic vibratory plate model comes with a standard cable remote control or an optional combined control via cable and radio. This provides maximum safety for the operator. Components are protected by the robust full-protection hood. The low height and high mobility enables use also in difficult to access areas.

The classes up to 100 kN sit in the top performance class for hand-guided compaction equipment. With weights over 500 kg they have set new performance standards for reversible plates. With high compaction and area outputs these models are ideally suited to larger earthworks jobs. The proven diesel engines have a particularly long service life and offer low fuel consumption.

Reversible vibratory plates

Single direction vibratory plates

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