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Research and development into compaction technology concentrates on improving the power of machines, generating user and environmentally friendly designs and extending the range of applications on site. These improvements, which are part of a continuous process, run parallel with the use of electronic measuring and computing technologies and of micro-processor controls. Thus the introduction of automatic measuring and documentation systems as well as EDP and GPS supported machine controls is a significant change and milestone.

These machine integrated systems provide automatic control of compaction and optimization of use, as well as surface quality assurance. Using the compaction equipment as a "measuring and testing device" and the machine parameters for process control is indispensable for large area construction, because with these methods uniform quality can be achieved and the reliability of the quality assurance enhanced, in conformity with the construction specification.


Mechanical compaction with vibratory equipment has reached a high level of development. It has matured into an economic and technically indispensable technology, used all over the world for the construction of stable and deformation-resistant highways, earthworks, road and dam construction, foundation work in civil engineering, sealing layers and landfill sites. These projects are characterized by increasing laying capacities, high demand for economy and high quality specifications. Compaction equipment must be powerful, efficient, universally usable and ensure surface quality by means of real-time work integrated testing.


BOMAG has long recognized these requirements and development goals. Compaction processes with vibratory rollers were researched intensively in the nineteen eighties. The interaction between the motion of the roller drum and the stiffness of the material was also exploited following this programme of work.

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