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Airport construction

The construction of runways, taxiways and aprons are major project activities on airports, each of which requires different load bearing specifications.

Airport construction - compaction

Pure operating areas often follow the RStO (Richtlinie für die Standardisierung des Oberbaus = Guideline for the Standardization of Pavements). For runways engineers design specifications appropriate to expected loadings using also prior experience. There are also the "Notes for the Construction of Concrete Surfaces on Airports" from the Research Society for Public Transport. Concrete requirements are laid down in the TL-Beton (concrete).

Inspection of load bearing capacity and compaction

For runways, taxiways, aprons and parking areas the requirements for load bearing capacity and compaction are applied to the formation, sub-base and unbound layers. Tests for load bearing capacity and compaction in unbound materials on runways and taxiways are of major significance in terms of QA.

The use of surface covering dynamic compaction control (SCCC) requires a compaction measuring system with documentation facilities. The BOMAG Terrameter (BTM) provides data recording and simple representation. The BOMAG Compaction management (BCM) is a more sophisticated display and evaluation system.


The measuring principle used by the Terrameter BTM prof is the determination of the dynamic stiffness of the soil. Acceleration data from the vibrating roller drum are used to generate a force-way diagram for each revolution of the eccentric shaft, which results from the vertical equilibrium of forces and the vertical amplitude of the drum. The documentation system displays the compaction status to the roller driver during the compaction process. This produces uniform, quality assured and efficient optimization of compaction.

Surface covering dynamic compaction control offers cost-effective area covering online recording and documentation of the load bearing and compaction status of the soil.

Surface covering dynamic compaction control can also be used in airport construction to proof-test unbound runway and taxiway layers.

Airfield construction

Machines for airport construction (selection)

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