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Requirements for suppliers

The BOMAG Group is seeking long-term partnerships with its suppliers. To ensure this, the criteria for becoming a BOMAG supplier are set out in our quality management system.

What we expect from our suppliers:

The ideal supplier to the BOMAG Group offers high-quality products with technically efficient and competitive performance at competitive market prices.

As a supplier you contribute early on and pro-actively in the development stages of new products. You always execute deliveries on time.

We expect continuous improvement in all areas and innovative co-operation on BOMAG projects, especially in quality, logistical, technical and business areas.

A foundation is created through mutual long-term agreements which makes co-operation easier for all sides, with responsibilities which are clear and specific to the project in hand.

How to become a long-term partner:

You begin the process of becoming a supplier to the BOMAG Group by completing a standard questionnaire and submitting your catalogue materials (in paper-/digital form) which are then circulated to our departments.
Existing and potential new suppliers become listed and receive appropriate enquiries for our different projects.

The choice of suppliers from the approved list is made by a team from different departments on the basis of economic, technical, logistical and qualitative merits. “General quality capability" commences during the supply phase, on receipt of goods or the execution of an Internet auction.

This is continued through:

  • The supplier questionnaire
  • Presentation by the supplier to BOMAG, leaflets, web home pages
  • Audit/visit to the supplier's production facilities
  • An audit if required of quality assurance systems, facilities and process capability

With this process risks are minimized and fast and effective integration will be achieved by suppliers into our business methods. Only suppliers having world-class quality and process capabilities can build this type of business relationship.

Quality management is established in a quality assurance agreement which forms an indispensable condition for series deliveries. We require first sample test reports, including a first sample for certification. During manufacture of the sample order we reserve the right to verify production process at the supplier facility or to inspect statistical process control documentation.


Secondary agreements:

Depending on the terms of contract for delivery, tools, modules or assembly and nondisclosure agreements will be part of our relationship. Where a supplier carries out development work for us, this will be covered by a form of agreement.

Should your product range fit our needs we invite your interest in establishing a long-term relationship with the BOMAG Group. Please do not hesitate to make initial contact here.


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