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The BOMAG VARIOCONTROL system is an intelligent compaction system with automatic control and integrated compaction measuring technology. Compared with conventional systems, single drum rollers with VARIOCONTROL work with more power, more specifically directed energy and greater efficiency. The system offers the optimum energy transfer for each specific application and thus prevents over-compaction. The rapid and optimum adjustment of the amplitude reduces any loosening of the surface on gravel, sand and granular mixes.

This integrated compaction measuring technology continuously informs the driver about compaction progress and the compaction coefficient EVIB [MN/m²], which describes the stiffness of the soil and correlates with the EV2 value. The operator can select different EVIB-values (45, 80, 100, 120, 150 MN/m²) as target values with VARIOCONTROL, whereby the interaction of measuring and control technology supports the roller driver, reduces the number of passes and improves compaction quality.




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