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GPS for soil and asphalt compaction

BCM 05 positioning links GPS position data with the EVIB measuring values recorded by single drum or asphalt rollers. Measuring values and rolling progress is displayed on the BCM 05 display in the cab. With a USB-stick the data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis and documentation with the BCM 05 office software product. BCM 05 positioning enables secure and particularly user-friendly CCC.

BCM 05 positioning receives positional data from the StarFire-DGPS-Receiver, which, with an integrated correction signal, achieves an accuracy of 15 cm. Installation of the StarFire-Receiver onto a machine is fast and does not require a local reference station. Alternatively data from other common DGPS or RTK-systems can be used via an interface. The user therefore utilise infrastructure that is already available on site. BCM 05 positioning eases the use of CCC, because, unlike the track-bound recording, no fields need to be defined in BCM 05 and the roller driver does not need to assign the current rolling track to the corresponding field area. BCM 05 positioning works independently and thus prevents any operating errors and manipulation. The quality and simplicity of documentation are to an extremely high standard.

Both the StarFire-Receiver and the tablet PC of BCM 05 positioning can be simply transferred between different machines. This provides high flexibility and economy to the user.

Putting compaction into perspective



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