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BCM net


BCM net links all rollers involved in the compaction process on any earthworks and asphalt construction site. Every roller operator has the compaction progress and process of all rollers in view. The participating machines are linked in a WLAN-network and exchange their  position  and measuring data in real-time. BCM net is particularly useful on asphalt work in ensuring a transparent compaction process. This results in uniform and complete compaction of the paved mat. BCM net optimizes the use of compaction equipment and documents both the complete process and the compaction quality.

The BCM net consists of a server, a WLAN module for each roller involved in the group and BCM net software.
As a precondition for BCM net use, each participating roller must be equipped with BCM 05 and the BOMAG Starfire.

Putting compaction into perspective
Job Report BCM net
BCM net  


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