Planing now even more intuitive.

Boppard, 24.10.2022: At bauma 2022, BOMAG will unveil the new operating concept for its BM/65 series cold planers, which will be launched in spring 2023. The further development focused on a high degree of automation and intuitive access to all functions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced operator of BOMAG cold planers, you will be familiar with the system in next to no time. The intelligent on-board information and assistance system is uncompromisingly tailored to practical workflows and can be easily customised with user profiles. The aim was to relieve the operator as far as possible with useful automatic and additional functions on every construction site and to provide clear live images in the cockpit from its up to 6 monitoring cameras. The operating concept sustainably increases efficiency and productivity during milling operations in modern road construction.

The machine's new central display clearly combines all important work information and operating functions. The 7-inch colour display, which hovers above the centre console in the operator's field of vision, provides high-quality images and is easy to read even in bright light.

Operation is by touch or rotary push buttons and soft keys. Frequently required menus and settings can be called up directly and quickly via the "Fast Select" function below the display; for example, the operator can select levelling at the touch of a button. Thanks to the flat and clear menu navigation, operators quickly find their way around and can react immediately to changes in the workflow. Easy-to-understand visualisation and clear icons form the basis for safe interaction with the complex technical systems on board the cold planer. Information is everything: that is why the operator can now conveniently record important job site data, such as the number and weight of the trucks already loaded, via the control panel.

At the launch of the new operating concept, the control panel for the ground operator was also visually unified with the control panel in the operator's stand. This gives the ground operator full access to all information and functions, saves the operator team from having to reorient themselves, and facilitates communication within the team.

Live all-round view

With up to 6 cameras on board the cold planers, each side of the machine offers a perfect 180° panoramic view. The camera images are shown on a dedicated high-resolution 10-inch screen above the control panel. The assistance system is so intelligent that the corresponding live camera images are automatically displayed depending on the work situation. This allows the driver to keep an eye on everything, significantly increasing safety.

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My machine: individual settings made easy

But that's not all: every driver works differently; every construction site has different requirements. That is why Bomag's new operating concept now allows standard settings to be easily saved in user profiles. As a result, the planer is immediately ready for use, even if the drivers change, and all operators really start "their" machine. Different displays can be configured to match the job site.


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