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Bringing order to landfill sites – The improved Bomag refuse compactors

Boppard, 12.07.2017: Bomag is committed to offering its customers machines of the highest quality and efficiency at all times and for all manner of applications. To reach this aim, constant progress is the key. Therefore, the Bomag refuse compactors BC 463 RB-3, BC 473 RB-3 and BC 573 RB-3 have undergone substantial changes in the motor compartment, the cabin or the cooling system.

One focal point in the project to further develop the refuse compactors was improving the accessibility. To reach that goal, the Bomag engineers enlarged the motor compartment and broadened the frame. The bigger engine cover, which can be opened hydraulically, allows for easy access, thus ensuring quick and uncomplicated service and maintenance works. Another feature contributing to the ease of reaching the parts in need of daily checkups is the elongated platform. It affords the operator with the possibility to perform the daily checks from one side of the machine, making time-consuming switches from one side to the other unnecessary. Additionally, the perforated structure of the platform guarantees added safety because the risk of slipping on residual substances is reduced significantly.

The refuse compactors BC 463 RB-3, BC 473 RB-3 and BC 573 RB-3 have also been enhanced with regards to their handling efficiency, a fact which is obvious in the operator’s cabin, among others. Due to a change in design, most of the cabin is now encased in glass, guaranteeing an all-round view for the operator. This expansion of the field of vision is a consequence of the cant in the engine cover and of the location of the air intake system. The system is situated directly behind the operator, freeing up sightlines over his shoulders as well. Also contributing to the improved visibility is the distinctly elevated operator’s seat, an effect of the higher cabin, which allows for a much better and clearer view of the edges of the blade. This in turn results in the work carried out being more precise and thus more productive and time-saving. Another highlight are the air intakes integrated in that area. They are placed at the highest point of the machine which means that the air being drawn in is fresher. The mesh screens covering the intakes serve to absorb dirt particles and keep them on the outside. Moreover, the placement of the air intakes only in vertical or overhung positions means that no rainwater can accumulate on the inside.

The cooling system also marks a step forward in the makeup of the Bomag refuse compactors as it not only ensures greater efficiency, but also adds to the machines’ lifespan. The system is hydraulic driven, reversible and speed regulated, so that the air flow can be adjusted depending on the temperatures. In this way, fuel consumption as well as noise emissions can be reduced. At the same time, any kind of debris that might otherwise accumulate is disposed of, showing that the system is capable of cleansing the cooler as well. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the cooling system means results in an overall higher availability of the refuse compactors.

The operator’s comfort has similarly not been neglected in the design of the Bomag BC 463, 473 and 573 RB-3. Due to the new dual suspension of the cabin, the vibrations the operator normally has to contend with are reduced to a minimum. Accordingly, the driver’s body is put under less stress, and the working day can be passed more comfortably, a fact also aided by the soundproofing. A joystick control promises an easy handling of the machine, and the heating and air-conditioning systems ensure a pleasant environment. Lastly, the size of the cabin itself has been adjusted in that the standard of the larger refuse compactors has been transferred to the smaller ones as well. Hence the operator is equipped to fulfil the demanding tasks of a landfill site in the best way possible.

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