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Fleet management with BOMAG TELEMATIC: safe, efficient and transparent

Easy control of individual machines or a whole fleet with BOMAG TELEMATIC.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.

BOMAG TELEMATIC – the advantages are clear:

  • Effective monitoring: Monitors your fleet fuel consumption
  • Real time reports: Monitor the current operating hours of your machines as well as pending and completed maintenance and service
  • Location: Know where your machines are and how they are used
  • Anti-theft alarm: Alarm function activated when motion is detected or the machine leaves a geographically defined zone for individual machines
Technical requirements:

  • Machines with BOMAG TELEMATIC – older models and machines from other manufacturers can be retrofitted
  • A computer or mobile terminal device with internet connection
BOMAG TELEMATIC – five main functions are featured on the iOS, Android and web application:

At a Glance:

  • Fleets: to check fleets details and position on map
  • Fences: to check fences position on map and draw a new fence

  • Productivity: to check how much time a selected vehicle has spent on a specific working status (idle status, working status, high-workload status)
  • Engine On/Off: to check how much time each selected equipment was "on", "off" or "not available" at a specific time frame
  • Alert screen: to check the status of “All”, “Read”, or “Unread” alarms received within a specified date and time period

BOMAG TELEMATICS Productivity Report


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