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BOMAG MPH 600 helps Urban Renewal in Birmingham

Within BOMAG’s wide product range it’s fair to say that soil stabilizers are at the ‘exotic’ end of the range. There are as few as 50 machines of this type at work in the UK and so to sell one is a special day but to sell two, and to the same company, within 3 months is quite unique but this is what has just happened to BOMAG.


The Independent Stabilisation Company, specialist ground engineers, has recently taken delivery of two new BOMAG MPH 600 soil stabilizers. The first machine was delivered to Oxford in March and the second machine was delivered to site at The Hub, Aston Birmingham on the last day of June and put straight to work.

The MPH 600 is a large 28 tonne machine capable of tackling the toughest soil stabilization jobs with outputs of between 3,000 and 5,000 cubic metres per day. Powered by a Stage 3B 8 cylinder Deutz engine the 440 kW machine has hydrostatic all-wheel drive for excellent controllability. The MPH uses BOMAG ‘FLEXMIX’ technology that optimizes performance. The rotor is driven by two planetary gear units and provides maximum performance on every application. In milling mode, the rotor speed has 11 settings which mean that tool and rotor wear is kept to a minimum. By adjusting the rotor speed to the current work situation, the best mix result is achieved with the lowest fuel consumption. The rotor drive automatic overload protection system gives high machine availability under severe conditions.


The job at the Hub in Aston will take approximately 2 weeks with the machine working 8 hours a day. The job is soil stabilization of a sub-base for a new warehouse. A BOMAG BS 12000 towed binder spreader is used to lay down a cement cover on the base soil. The MPH 600 is then used to mix the cement with the soil ‘in-situ’. The mixed material is then compacted using a BOMAG smooth-drum self-propelled roller. There is sufficient moisture in the soil on the job site and so extra water is not needed. The MPH 600 can be connected to a mobile bowser when required.


Soil stabilisation is the process of creating a controlled fill drying method which ensures soil is at the correct moisture content to achieve maximum compaction. Stabilising with lime, cement or other binders is an extremely cost effective method of converting weak soils into a usable and environmentally sound construction material. Stabilisation of the available on-site material enables construction to be carried out cost effectively, quickly and with less environmental impact. Off-site disposal can be reduced to zero and the importation of expensive aggregate is greatly reduced.


Commenting during the delivery of the second MPH 600 in Birmingham The Independent Stabilisation Company’s John Bateman said, ‘The new generation of BOMAG machines are second to none for performance and reliability. The first BOMAG machine we bought was an MPH 100 but the industry and BOMAG have come a long way since then. These new machines have significantly improved ergonomics and environmental features. BOMAG has certainly listened to customer’s needs and demands over the years.  We will be using the telematics system which is a new and useful feature. We operate BOMAG machines because of their performance and reliability and their excellent customer service.’







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