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The new BOMAG BF600P-2 has arrived!!

BOMAG (GB) Limited, a leading supplier of milling, paving, and compaction equipment, has just announced the availability in the UK of a new 19 tonne class wheeled paver, the BF 600 P-2. This new machine bristles with high technology to increase productivity and assurance and reduce owning and operating costs.


The BF 600 P-2 has a maximum output of 600 tonnes per hour and a maximum paving width of 8 metres with the S500 screed. It’s powered by an economical Mercedes MTU 116 kW Tier 4 final engine and features ECOMODE, an integrated engine management system, which matches power to demand reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. A hydraulically powered water radiator fan automatically adapts the cooling power to demand, saving fuel.


The new BOMAG, high-performance, S500 screed has a high power MAGMALIFE electris heating system that reduces costs and increases safety. The innovative MAGMALIFE system is well proven in tough paving applications around the world. MAGMALIFE gives extra operational dependability and performance with a short heat-up time of only 20-30 minutes (depending on screed width and ambient temperature) due to the superior heat conductivity

of aluminium. This is a time saving of up to 25 % compared to conventional systems. The aluminium plates ensure very even heat distribution across the full smoothing plate, even with extensions fitted, for

a fine surface finish.


As well as the new screed the BF 600 P-2 also has a large diameter auger that ensures reliable and even material distribution, even at wide paving widths. The design avoids mix segregation and improves output. To improve material transfer from truck to paver BOMAG engineers have designed adjustable bumper rollers which allow shock-free “docking” of the truck. The bumper rollers can, as an option, be controlled hydraulically from the control stand. The rollers can be adjusted to different truck lengths and the shock absorbers and integrated rocker ensure smooth material transfer.


Comfort, ergonomics, and ease of handling were the focus of BOMAG design engineers when developing this latest paver. The operator’s platform on the BF 600 P-2 features the patented SIDEVIEW system, in which the seat and operating console is a single unit that can be adjusted in a variety of ways. The control stand can be extended sideways for a maximum overhang of 600 mm. In contrast to conventional road finishers, the roof always protects the operator from the weather. It also ensures the operator has the best view of the mat edges, the hopper, the auger, and the screed. When unloading a truck, the SIDEVIEW system gives the operator excellent visual contact with the truck driver and optimum coordination to increase safety and productivity.


Making the announcement BOMAG (GB)’s Managing Director, and CEA Management Council member, Alan Batty said, “I’m delighted to announce that the new BF 600 P-2 will be available in the UK from May onwards. The machine represents a good step forward in terms of safety and productivity and operational efficiency. With construction on the up customers now have a viable alternative in the paving market.”


The new BOMAG BF 600 P-2 will be on display at Hillhead in June alongside market leading BOMAG compaction and milling machinery.


BOMAG milling and paving equipment is sold and supported by BOMAG (GB) Limited and machines are supplied with a 2 year warranty. BOMAG Finance provide a wide range of competitive end user finance plans for new equipment and the recent increase in the annual investment (AIA) allowance to £500,000 makes investing now, in new equipment, a wise move.


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