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BW 80 AD-5

BOMAG, the leader in compaction technology, has today announced a new generation of vibrating tandem rollers-the ‘Dash 5’ series. The new generation are a significant improvement on the market leading Dash 2 machines that BOMAG has been selling in the UK for over 10 years.

Three new conventional modes are available, all in the 1.5t to 1.7t class. These new models are the BW 80 AD-5 (operating weight 1,550kg), BW 90 AD-5 (1,600kg), and the BW 100 ADM-5 (1,650kg).

As a new departure for BOMAG the company is launching two ‘clear sided’ models alongside the conventional machines. The BW 90 SC-5 has an operating weight of 1,650kg and BW 100 SC-5 weighs in at 1,700kg.

The Dash 5 generation represents the culmination of BOMAG’s extensive compaction experience. The new models are a clear improvement over the old ones and feature modern, sophisticated industrial design, excellent operator ergonomics, a fuel efficient, quiet, ‘Tier 4’ Kubota engine, and a high level of standard equipment.

BOMAG machines are renowned for their quality, performance, and reliability and the new generation are designed to continue the trend. An all new durable articulated chassis, joined by a maintenance free oscillating articulated joint, is clothed in new bodywork. A notable styling feature is the narrow, sloping, one-piece engine hood that is manufactured from a composite material. The unique design gives excellent operator visibility to the drum and immediately in front of the machine. The one-piece design gives excellent service access and the composite construction provides strength and durability and at the same time reduces noise and vibration. The fuel and water tanks are integrated into the chassis; the fuel filler cap is located under the opening hood for safety and security.

A Kubota D 902 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine powers the new models. Developing 15.1kW at 3,000 rpm and with a specific fuel consumption of 260 g /kWh, the engine is frugal on fuel, extremely quiet, and meets the ‘Tier 4’ engine emission legislation. The engine is mounted ‘in-line’ in the new chassis, not laterally as in current models. This improves cooling, service access, and piping from the pumps. The engine PTO drives x hydraulic pumps which provide the motive power, with a drive motor in each drum for excellent traction, power steering through an orbitrol valve, and vibration exciter power. The machines have a maximum working speed of 4.5kph with vibration, a maximum travel speed of 10kph, and a maximum gradeability of 40% without vibration. Service brakes are hydrostatic and a hydro-mechanical parking brake is employed.

The operator environment, of the Dash 5 family, sets a new standard for small tandem rollers. The design brief was to provide a safe and comfortable operator station. This has been achieved. The longitudinal adjustable Grammer seat, with a pressure sensitive engine cut-out switch, provides a comfortable position from which to operate the machine. The narrow and low engine hood and the ‘facet cut’ chassis design provides an unrivalled view of the lower drum edge and immediately in front of the machine. In fact an operator can see an obstacle 500mm high, only 1m in front of the roller! This represents a 30% improvement in visibility compared to the outgoing models. The floor of the operator station provides enough room for even the largest feet and a safety plate ensures that feet are kept away from the articulation joint. A new stylish small diameter steering wheel provides good control and comfort and ease of entry and egress into the operator’s seat. The travel lever is an ergonomically designed multi-function joystick positioned on the operator’s right. Travel operation, in forwards and reverse, is extremely smooth because of a well matched travel pump with servo control.

BW 80 AD-5 and BW 100 SC-5

The Dash 5 models give a choice of 3 compaction modes, manual, neutral, and Intelligent Vibration Control (IVC). A red push button, on the joy stick, controls vibration on and off in manual mode. The neutral position is a safety setting for loading which ensures that vibration cannot be started when driving up a ramp for example. IVC is a new feature which when selected, on the mode switch, automatically starts vibration when the roller exceeds 1kph in forward or reverse. If the travel speed exceeds 5kph vibration is switched off automatically. If the optional edge cutters are specified 2 green buttons on the joystick control the lift and lower function. The hydraulically powered vibration exciter is a well proven BOMAG designed and built component that has proven performance and reliability.

Efficient compaction is assured with the new BOMAG light tandems. 12 mm thick drums, manufactured by BOMAG to strict tolerances, ensure a smooth finish and long term durability. A pressurised water system comes as standard with 4 wind protected spray nozzles (on each drum) and spring loaded scraper bars keep the drums clean.

Other notable standard features include zinc plated lashing eyes, hour meter, reverse alarm, emergency stop button, working lights, and a storage compartment under the seat.

Options available at launch include a rigid ROPS canopy, a rotating flashing beacon, a battery disconnect switch,  anti-theft protection, edge cutters, and a hydraulic power take-off to power a hand held hydraulic breaker.

Finally, BOMAG has also thought of the service engineer. The new machines offer superb service access thank to the one piece engine hood. All models in the Dash 5 family feature a central electrical controller with a functions check facility and in built fault diagnostics.

Services are easily carried out due to the intelligent component layout and the availability of convenient BOMAG service kits.

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