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BW 213 DH-4/P BVC
  • BW 213 DH-4/P BVC

Снижение затрат благодаря инновации.

Fields of application: BOMAG VARIOCONTROLsingle drum rollers are suitable for the compaction of all earthworks material types. In comparison to conventional single drum rollers, these models produce higher compaction performance, transmit maximum energy on each application, and adjust automatically to all site conditions. Instant and infinite adjustment of amplitude and compaction energy reduces surface loosening on gravel, sand and anti-frost layers. Optional rear-mounted BVC/P vibratory plates simultaneously compact uniform sands, granular and other materials with a tendency to loosen.
Country-specific deviations of technical data possible - Technical data subject to modification - Operation weight to CECE and max. weight
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