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Recycling in Batch Plant

Batch mix plants can be equipped with a series of accessories for recycling material coming from the demolition of old pavings.

The percentages of materials to be recycled in the mix vary according to the technical solution adopted besides the material itself plus operating conditions (temperature, moisture).

The solutions used mostly are as follows:

RAP to the foot of the hot elevator, maximum 10-15%.


  • low investment required


  • Overheating of virgin aggregates; plant hourly output reduced when feeding RAP
  • No screening
  • Low RAP %
  • Emission of vapour at hot elevator and mixer level difficult to exhaust

RAP feeding into the virgin aggregates weigh hopper or into the mixer. Maximum % of RAP used up to 25%.


  • virgin aggregates could be screened; it allows a very precise metering by weight of RAP


  • Necessity of overheating virgin aggregates, plant output is drastically reduced due to increase of mixing cycle
  • Low RAP%; RAP moisture evaporation during mixing operation, to be exhausted to bag filter
  • Problems rising from a contact between bitumen over high temperature aggregates

To maximize the RAP% in any formula, the following special applications are also available:

  1. when RAP% is lower than 15-20%, RAP an go through surge hopper, aggregate weighing hopper and mixer
  2. when RAP is up to 35%, RAP can go through recycling ring
  3. two separate lines of RAP feeding: recycling ring plus mixer to reach up to 40% total RAP in the mix.

RAP feeding into the dryer via a recycling ring. It permits to reach up to 35% of RAP in the final mix.


  • high RAP %
  • heating starting in the dryer by irradiation from the flame
  • low capital investment
  • plant output unchanged when recycling up to 35%
  • moisture exhausted through same main fan
  • Possibility of upgrading and retrofitting existing batch plants.


  • virgin aggregates cannot be screened.

RAP 50%, preheated and dried using a special parallel flow dryer drum.


  • process and equipment permits to screen virgin aggregates
  • very accurate metering of RAP by weight
  • smooth and controlled heating of RAP
  • very high RAP percentage
  • Plant output unchanged when recycling up to 50%
  • emission comfortably within the most strict limits.


  • high capital investments.
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