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UltiMAP 4000



The top of the range

A high rated industrial plant for the most demanding market: UltiMAP 4000 a stationary plant positioned between the 270 and the 330 t/h production. The 4 t mixer enables an hourly production of 330 t/h in all standard operating conditions.
UltiMAP 4000 has been designed for firms looking for both instantaneous, high throughput and specific technical requirements (use of several binders, recycling, SMA, multiformulas, storage and management). It corresponds in particular to the needs of the most industrialized markets.

Production UltiMAP 4000 series*
UltiMAP 4000 B5/B6 from 240 to 270 t/h
UltiMAP 4000 V5/V6 from 240 to 330 t/h

* 4 models, 8 different configurations
* dryer drum and filter according to customer requirements



Dryer: three different types of dryer to ensure production up to 330 t/h with moisture between 1 % to 7 %.

Inclined screen with a double outside unidirectional vibration shaft, with 4, 5 or 6 meshes, screen by-pass.

New 4 t mixer completely new design, with a double shaft and two 55 kW synchronised gearboxes working at 80 cycles.

Filler: metering circuit allowing feeding of 3 different fillers.

Bitumen circuit: 1 to 3 separate tanks with two injection spray bars in the mixer. Pre-arrangement for the use of any kind of liquid, granular and/or fibrous additives.


Main new features and functional advantages

  • Structure with enhancement and optimisation of the whole available space to house the technical options in the ideal operating conditions for the end user.
  • The bucket elevator, the aggregates transfer and handling zones have been redesigned and protected by anti-wear and anti-noise devices.
  • A new 4 t mixer, with a powerful motor and with a larger volume enables also the production of 320 t/h of special products.


Hot or cold recycling at 15 %, 35 % or 50 % depending on fittings.

Hot stock under the screen 1 + 6 bins from 90 to 150 ton to increase instantaneous production.

Hot mix storage silo under or aside the mixer; long term option available.

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