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UltiMAP 2700

UltiMAP 2700 storage under mixer


UltiMAP 2700 storage by side

Production UltiMAP 2700 series*
UltiMAP 2700 B5/B6 from 180 to 200 t/h
UltiMAP 2700 V5/V6 from 180 to 240 t/h

* 4 models, 8 different configurations
* dryer drum according to customer requirements


The most flexible asphalt batch plant designed and studied for medium and large road sites, and also for maintenance of high traffic roads and highways. Possibility to increase hot bins capacity by 38 tons modulus with transport dimensions.

The wide range of accessories to produce special mixes like red mixes, mixes with fibres, liquid additives, modified bitumen make it suitable also for “GROCERY TRADE”.

Configuration with hot mix storage bin under mixer up to 600 tons.
UltiMAP 2700 could be combined with many different components to optimise and personalise customers investment, including facilities for low energy asphalt mix.



  • Identical to those of the UltiMAP2700 in the pendulum version.
  • Two specificities: -available in a low version, with offset storage -compact dryer/filter module with a short recycling circuit for aggregate fines
  • 2.20 m diameter dryer mixer
  • 13.9 MW burner, adapted to use all types of fuel: light and heavy fuel oil, natural gas and coal
  • 675 m² bag filter unit, with ultra-short fines recycling circuit and 25 ton recovered fines silo
  • Pre-separator built into the filter, allowing for the recovery of the biggest fines which are directly returned to the hot-mix elevator via gravity



  • Screen with 5, 6 meshes, independent by-pass. 1 + 6 hot bins capacity (32, 70, 110 tons).
  • Recycling 35 % RAP and over with recycling ring; no reduction of plant capacity.
  • RAP up to 20% directly into mixer
  • 50 % RAP, independent RAP heating drum

Benefits and sustainable development

  • Modular design for fast assembly
  • Energy savings
  • Optimised burner consumption
  • Fewer augers
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