Compaction documented perfectly.

BCM means quality and efficiency go hand in hand.

BOMAG Compaction Management (BCM) is used to manage and fully document compaction over an entire construction site. A tablet PC suitable for construction sites and a GPS receiver form the basis for creating complete compaction maps. This provides the operator with direct feedback on how to optimise the rolling pattern. All the data is documented for subsequent analysis. The systems have a modular set-up. All the hardware is compatible, and an upgrade is possible at any time. The components are interchangeable between machines.

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BOMAG's advantage: BCM 05.

A contractor performing surface covering work must compact accurately and efficiently, which requires constant measuring and monitoring. With BCM 05, the operator can track compaction on a large display in real time, track by track and position by position. The program saves the E-VIB results for the entire construction site. All the data can subsequently be read out, analysed and archived. This provides user-friendly and concise measurement reports for the project. Furthermore, in conjunction with BOMAG’s StarFire GPS receiver, detailed compaction maps to within 25-centimetre accuracy can be generated! This makes entire-area compacting simpler and more efficient and provides greater transparency for the operator.

BCM start ... let's go!

BCM start is the plug-and-play application for roller passes. The driver only needs to press the start button and watch as the roller follows its tracks. No preparation is required. Colour is used to indicate the number of completed passes. On asphalt, the colour additionally indicates the surface temperature. When the required number of passes has been reached, the display turns blue, for example. This greatly simplifies the operator’s job, who no longer needs to focus on the rolling pattern, but only on “making everything blue”. As a result, more attention is paid to handling the roller safely and obtaining a uniform result. The colours assigned can be changed at any time to suit user preferences.

BCM start functions on any roller, regardless of make or technology – in other words, it also works with static and pneumatic tyred rollers. All that’s required is a power supply.

As well as displaying the rolling pattern, BCM start also provides documentation. Both passes and temperatures are saved and can be read out as a PDF file from the tablet PC via USB at any time.

BCM StarFire.

With the help of the familiar BCM 05 office software, preparation and analysis can be carried out conveniently. On site, one roller is defined as the “server”, which collects and distributes the group’s data centrally. It is even possible to integrate the paver: Roller operators then see the mat track the paver has laid and the temperature on their displays, all of which assist in decision making.

See the result of your work while on the go.

BCM start works on any roller, regardless of make or technology – in other words, with static rollers and PTR rollers as well. The only thing needed is a power supply.

This is definitely the future standard and will improve quality and efficiency. Tomas Baciunas, Manager of Engineering & Technology at Panevezio Keliai, uses BCM net for compaction control.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.