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BOMAG is positioning itself at bauma 2022 with future-oriented Light Equipment.


Boppard, 21.06.2022: BOMAG will be presenting Light Equipment for a wide range of applications to bauma 2022 visitors in the 1009 (FS) open-air area. In addition to popular classics in this segment, the company will be showcasing its latest innovations that make road and pavement laying noticeably more ergonomic, efficient and sustainable. It will be possible to test almost all the machines!



BOMAG will be exhibiting the following state-of-the-art machines for light compaction as special bauma highlights:


  • BT 60 e: battery-powered tamper
  • BR 95: single direction vibratory plate
  • BPR 45/45: reversible vibratory plate
  • BW 65 and BW 65 D: walk-behind roller



BT 60 e: battery-powered tamper


The BT 60 e is a powerful and robust tamper with a battery-electric drive and therefore emission-free by design. It offers a future-proof perspective in trench and pipeline construction, landscaping, compaction work on backfills and foundations as well as in patching work. The first battery-powered tamper from BOMAG stands out with its performance and results, especially where legal regulations require emission-free drive systems, such as in trenches or subways. Batteries with a capacity of 1,000 Wh or 1,400 Wh are available for the machine.



BR 95: single direction vibratory plate


BOMAG's BR 95 is the ideal combination of efficiency and manoeuvrability. Light and agile to handle, the single direction vibratory plate shows its strength in earthworks wherever compaction in the smallest of spaces is required, such as close to building walls, posts or in cable and pipe trenches. This is made possible by a square base plate (450 mm working width) with rounded corners and a machine design as slim as it is ergonomic. With the 360° all-round guide bar, the operator has the machine firmly under control in any situation - and at low vibration levels for fatigue-free working with HAV values below 2.5 / 5 m/s2. The BR 95 compacts gravel, sand and mixed grain soils. The working speed of 30 m/min ensures high efficiency. Depending on the material, the fill height can be up to 25 cm in a single pass.



BPR 45/45: reversible vibratory plate


Compaction without compromise, even when the going gets tough: that's exactly what BOMAG has developed its BPR 45/45 reversible vibratory plate for. The 6.3 kW powerhouse meets the high compaction and surface coverage requirements in earthworks and block paving. With a robust all-round protection hood, it withstands high stresses. Thanks to the special comfort control lever, the operator can control the vibratory plate easily, precisely and gently, even on uneven surfaces. The very low HAV values of less than 2.5 m/s2 speak for themselves. An operating hours counter as standard ensures transparency, and the user knows exactly when the next maintenance is due.



BW 65 and BW 65 D: walk-behind roller


In keeping with the motto "starting, not waiting", BOMAG's BW 65 and BW 65 D (diesel) walk-behind rollers are fitted as standard with an electric starter. The close drum spacing ensures the machines are particularly easy to use and manoeuvrable. All operating points are within the operator's direct reach. The rollers are available as petrol models with Stage V/CARB Phase 3 emission stage or as diesel models with Stage V emission stage. The switchable vibration system can be flexibly adapted to the subgrades, base layers and thin asphalt layers with two amplitudes and delivers optimum compaction performance.

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