ASPHALT PRO for a digital construction site

Boppard, 24/10/2022: ASHALT PRO is BOMAG's digital answer to the networked construction site 4.0 and provides more sustainable quality and cost efficiency in road construction. The innovative cloud solution now enables construction companies to easily and intelligently plan, optimise and digitally document the entire paving process - in real time and as flexibly as practice demands! Just how asphalt road construction is reinventing itself as smart construction with ASPHALT PRO can be explored by trade fair visitors to BOMAG's booth at bauma 2022.

ASPHALT PRO is BOMAG's comprehensive cloud solution for planning and optimising the entire paving process. ASPHALT PRO enables site managers to significantly reduce the planning involved in an upcoming road construction project, monitor the ongoing paving process and, if necessary, quickly take any action needed.

The software calculates the mix requirement, communicates with the mixing plant, shows the fastest transport routes to the asphalt construction site, and passes process changes on to the mixing plant and lorry drivers. It enables smooth delivery of mix and continuous asphalt paving without unscheduled disruptions.

All data easily integrated

ASPHALT PRO collects all parameters and job site data in real time; the software operates independently of the manufacturer and, of course, with feeders, pavers and rollers during asphalt road construction. The site manager always knows how much material has already been paved, how much mix is in transit or when the next delivery is due.

All that is needed to use the software is an internet connection; even if the connection is interrupted, the data continues to be reliably collected offline and automatically synchronised with the cloud application as soon as a connection to the internet can be re-established.

Making asphalt road construction smart

ASPHALT PRO meets the requirements set out by QSBW 4.0 and QAA 4.0, efficiently achieving the goals on the job site. The constant comparison of target and actual figures enables forward planning. The site manager can respond quickly to any disruptions in the process – for example, preventing paver downtime because no mix is available.

All parties involved are informed directly about any changes to the plan or disruptions in the paving process, whether it's the site manager, the mixing plant or the truck driver. Because well-informed employees are a guarantee for a constant paving speed, high quality and first-class paving results.

Simple, efficient and paperless: digital quality documentation

ASPHALT PRO also helps with transparent and seamless quality documentation. The paver's sensor information can be read out. This allows the paving width, layer thickness and paving temperature to be fully documented over time, optionally linked to highly accurate GPS data. Data or measured values from Surface Covering Dynamic Compaction control (SCDCC) with BOMAP, the BOMAG app, can also be included in the documentation. ASPHALT PRO collects all information on compaction passes, temperature, EVIB value, frequency and effective amplitude.

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Planning and acting with foresight

ASPHALT PRO merges all live data collected by the machines as well as the construction site data. Deviations from the original paving schedule become immediately apparent through the interactive analysis, and optimisation potential for the next day is highlighted. Customisable dashboards help the site manager make the right decisions in the construction process, even and especially when stress levels on the construction site increase. This may be due to a machine breaking down, weather conditions changing, bottlenecks in personnel and/or materials jeopardising progress, or mix production not keeping up fast enough. When such typical disruptions occur in the construction process and site logistics, ASPHALT PRO provides valuable real-time information and suggests solutions. With the support of the digital assistance system, the site manager has everything under control, and the immense coordination effort required for plan adjustments can be reduced to a minimum. Which mixing plant is nearby? How many asphalt pavers do I need? What is the current paving progress? When is the next delivery due? How can I prevent unscheduled paver stops? When will we be finished, and will we remain on budget?

BOMAG provides intelligent answers to all these questions with ASPHALT PRO: accurate digital mapping of the processes on site creates a reliable basis for predictive simulations and optimisations in the cloud, allowing maximum control over the entire paving process, even with agile plan changes. This ensures that the quality and efficiency of the paving process improve with each site, and the team can see they have once again done a good job.


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