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Highway paver CR 1030 T for road construction


New Features and an Improved Operator Experience

BOMAG 10-foot tracked pavers now include an upgraded platform and better sound insulation for a better operator experience.

  • Dual, swing-out operator stations feature BOMAG SIDEVIEW innovation so the seat and console both swivel outward at four differing angles for unobstructed views

  • Open-grate design on the platform floor affords the operator direct-

  • A large multifunction color screen display on both consoles for easy viewing of critical operating function, gauges and parameters

  • Sound-insulated composite engine hood provides quieter paving for a better operator experience

  • Tier 4 final 225 hp engine delivers ample power for full-width paving, while having enough power in reserve to operate the screed’s generator and lights for nighttime paving

  • Stretch® 20 hydraulically extendible screed for infinitely variable paving widths from 10-20 feet (up to 30 feet with extensions)

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Niveau d'émissions Stage IV / TIER4f
Poids 19.323 kg
Largeur de travail (min-max) 3.048 - 9.144 mm
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Fields of application

Asphalt paving with BOMAG pavers guarantees the highest efficiency and quality in road construction.

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With BOMAG pavers you can choose the optimal road paver for your application from a wide range of products (5-21 t). We offer a vast array of machines and equipment from the flexibly-deployable pedestrian road paver to the heavy-duty paver.


Consistent quality management and unique technical systems such as MAGMALIFE, QUICK COUPLING and ECOMODE also make the BOMAG pavers unbeatable in terms of cost.

BOMAG Frame Raise system offers improved ground clearance for maneuvering around obstacles and loading/unloading of the machine. It also allows the paver operator to fine-tune the head of the material to achieve the best mat quality.

Swing-out double SideView consoles with four positions for optimum visibility of hopper and paver edges. The two consoles have large seven-inch multi-functional color screens and robust mechanical toggle switches for improved uptime.

Provides the correct track tension regardless of direction of operation and Increases track life.



  • Turbocharged 225 hp Tier 4 engine
  • Power-tilt hood with radiator
  • Lockout/tagout capable E-stop and master electrical switch
  • Fume-recovery system
  • Frame Raise and Three-point suspension system with adjustable spreading auger height
  • Reinforced, sealed, tilting hopper wings with beveled corners
  • Adjustable material retaining plates
  • Two power-adjustable feed gates
  • Oscillating front wheel bogie assemblies
  • SmarTrac self-tensioning system
  • Thirty-foot hose reel for spray-down
  • Back-up alarm
  • Replaceable rubber tracks


  • Stretch® 20 screed with electric heat
  • Oscillating push rollers
  • Truck hitch
  • Hopper insert: 22 ton
  • Hopper insert: 27 ton
  • Oil service kit
  • Emergency kit

Plus d’informations sur demande / Sous réserve de modification / Les illustrations peuvent contenir des équipements en option.

You can find more information regarding the CO2 emissions of all machines here.

Maintenance with a concept

Low cost of ownership.

The simplest and most cost-effective service is the one that isn’t necessary. The maintenance of our road pavers is as simple as their operation. As every function is controlled by its own switch, every switch can also be replaced separately. The engine compartment with the hydraulic systems is easily accessible from every side, and all the filters can be reached comfortably above the engine and centrally from both sides. To keep any downtimes as short as possible, we offer carefully selected maintenance and emergency kits.

Super Paver Wear Guarantee

Low cost of ownership. This is the promise of the BOMAG material delivery and drive systems and BOMAG’s Super Paver Wear Guarantee. Other paver manufacturers will tell you they have a long life for the slat conveyor, drive chains, floor liners and rubber tracks. BOMAG guarantees it!

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Original parts and service

Quality is the best protection for your investment.

When you see BOMAG on a machine, you can expect real quality. This applies both to our original parts and our service. Opting for a BOMAG means choosing top quality every time. Original parts and service are there to protect your investment. They ensure 100% machine power and availability – and ultimately the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your company. BOMAG offers a range of service products to keep you on the road.

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