BOMAG machines operating in Brazil

In 2018 VDA 400 MAX paver and BW 138 light tandem roller for soil compaction started their operation in Goiânia, Brazil. The equipment belongs to BRITEC Group, which performs in partnership with public and private institutions on construction and location of equipment. This double success, VDA 400 MAX and BW 138 AC, started their operation paving a residential condominium, still under construction. BOMAG pavers are versatilities and efficiencies, and VDA 400 MAX offers production up to 400 tons per hour, and it has crawler tracks with rubber pads, which give high durability. BOMAG BW 138 AC offers precise and flexible compaction. This model with up to 5 tons is indicated for projects of small and medium proportion, as walkways and bicycle lanes, car parks and sport areas. It also performs as support for bigger rollers, on road construction. Their main feature, responsible for reduction on the deadlines and process economy, is the ECONOMIZER System. An exclusive BOMAG technology, which offers to the operators the control and visualization about compaction degree, through a display of easy understanding, improving results, avoiding unnecessary passes and, consequently, promoting higher operational ratability. BW 138 AC offers easiness and comfort of operation, and the results are surfaces with high quality.


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