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Please find here our recent used equipment offers.

As this list is liable to change frequently, the prior sale is reserved. Its worth to make an enquiry with us, if you didn't find the machine you are looking for. We will surely find a machine as per your requirements.


Pneumatic tyred rollers
Single Direction Vibratory Plates
Heavy Single Drum Rollers
Reversible Vibratory Plates
Towed Vibratory Rollers
Single Drum Vibratory Rollers
Road Pavers
Double Drum Vibratory Rollers
Refuse Compactors
Trench Compactors
Combination Rollers
Cold Milling Machine
Light Tandem Rollers (up to 3 to.)
Heavy Tandem Rollers (more than 3 to.)


Contact Person

Ansprechpartner WeltweitBernhard Liesenfeld
Ph.: +49 6742 100-305
Fax:  +49 6742 100-380

Ansprechpartner WeltweitUrsula Vogt
Ph.: +49 6742 100-368
Fax: +49 6742 100-520-368

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