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Trench compactor

Trench compactors are suitable for work in confined areas, on difficult to compact soils or in situations where a risk of over-turning is high. Designed for use on earthworks, BOMAG trench compactors are particularly suitable for the compaction of cohesive soils in trench work, backfills, in sewer and pipeline construction, for railway and dam construction, on landfill sites and for sub-base and foundation work.

BOMAG trench compactors are outstanding performers in the most demanding areas of use. Robustness and high reliability are essential for these applications, where environmental considerations are also of course satisfied by BOMAG.

A reliable and safe remote control is vital and BOMAG trench compactors come with a unique combination remote control with cable and radio. This facilitates work independently in conditions such as severe weather or poor access to the construction site. The radio remote control allows the operator to keep a safe distance from the trench compactor or the danger zone, and the use of radio signals provides maximum reliability.

  Trench compactor

With conventional trench compactors operated via infrared remote control, random isolation, a poor position in relation to the machine or even small obstacles can adversely affect reception, causing control problems or stoppage of the machine. These issues do not apply with radio remote control; with this technology the compactor stays under control at all times and produces the optimum compaction quality. The result: trouble-free, fast, reliable, and safe operation: hand-arm vibration is totally absent.

BOMAG Trench compactor:

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