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BOMAG Parts & Service Departments

Fast, accurate, dependable!

Satisfied customers are the basis of our success - that's why the

BOMAG Parts & Service departments are available when you need us.


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BOMAG Parts Department:


Phone: (800) 522-6624

Fax: (800) 654-6213


Jason Crabtree

Parts Sales Representative

Phone: (309) 852-6122


LuAnn Sopiars

Parts Sales Representative

Phone: (309) 852-6196


Tammy Johnson

Parts Sales Representative

Phone: (309) 852-6197


Sharon Dale

Parts Sales Representative

Phone: (309) 852-6229


DeAnn Kendall

Supervisor, Parts Sales Representative

Phone: (309) 852-6231


Jean Hamilton

Returns Clerk

Phone: (309) 852-6200


Patty Neipert

Manager, Parts Sales

Phone: (309) 852-6193


BOMAG Service Department:


Patrick Tunney

Service Engineer - Heavy Tandem/Double Drums, Static and Pneumatic Compactors

Phone: (309) 852-6336


Bill Aldred

Service Engineer - Single Drum Rollers and Paving Products; Single Direction and Reversible Plates

Phone: (309) 852-6273


Matthew Mirocha

Service Engineer - Landfill Prod.; Trench Compactor

Phone: (309) 852-6112


Chris Eaton

Warranty Administrator

Phone: (309) 852-6163


Justin Heartt

Service Engineer - Milling and Reclaimer / Stablizers

Phone: (309) 852-6383


Steve Wilson

Manager, Product Development and Support

Phone: (309) 852-6195


Diana Stuffelbeam

Administrative Assistant, Product Support

Phone: (309) 852-6179

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